How investing with BrickX works

A smart, affordable way to invest in the property market.

How it works

A Brick represents a fraction of a property


We hand-pick quality properties and divide them into 10,000 Bricks


Choose the Bricks you want to buy or let us choose for you with Smart Invest


Invest and monitor your portfolio


Earn any net rental income in proportion to how many Bricks you own


Earn any capital returns in line with property price changes when you sell your Bricks

Consider whether investing in Bricks is right for you by reading the PDS

Two ways to invest

Simple fee of 1.75%
when Bricks are bought and sold

Your portfolio, your way

illustration of a man pointing toward an illustration of a house

Ideal if you’d like to be in control of which properties to invest in based on your own investment goals and are comfortable making those decisions.

  • Choose which properties to buy Bricks in
  • Decide how much you invest and when
  • Deposit funds and invest today
  • Diversify your portfolio across different properties based on your investment goals
  • Receive regular updates on how your portfolio is performing
How Build My Own workschevron_down
  1. Our specialist property team sources properties, then breaks them into 'Bricks' for you to buy and hold
  2. You choose which properties to buy Bricks in, based on your investment goals
  3. We'll take care of the properties and you'll receive your cut of the rent, after expenses
  4. As property prices change so does the value of your Bricks
  5. When the time comes, you can put your Bricks up for sale

How do I make money?

Capital Returns

  • As property prices change so does the value of your Bricks
  • Realise any capital returns by selling Bricks
  • Every 6 months properties are revalued so you can keep track of performance

Monthly Rent Distributions

  • Receive your share of any rent, after expenses, paid monthly
  • We'll take care of the hassles of managing the properties

How do I exit & sell my Bricks?

Freedom to sell

You can list your Bricks for sale at anytime with BrickX. Simply set the sale price and the number of Bricks you’d like to sell. Other investors can then buy them. Learn other ways to exit

How fast do Bricks sell?

Since October 2016, the median time to sell Bricks is -h -m, based on member to member transactions. Learn more

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