Want an easier way to invest in residential property?

BrickX is an award-winning platform that provides a simple and low cost way to access the property market.

It’s the new, easier way to invest in residential property.


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Diversify your SMSF portfolio with BrickX

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How it works

A Brick represents a fraction of a property


Choose your property, or use Smart Invest


Buy Bricks


Earn net rental income per Brick


Sell your Bricks to earn any capital returns

Learn How it WorksConsider whether investing in Bricks is right for you by reading the PDS

BrickX Properties

3 property cards of current BrickX properties

Choose which property to buy Bricks in (or use Smart Invest). Our range of properties is carefully selected by our specialist Property Team based on growth potential.

Property details include:

  • Historical suburb growth
  • Independent property valuations
  • Forecasted cash flows
  • Estimated net rental income and yield

Why Choose BrickX?


Select your property and within minutes you can own Bricks in an investment property.

Finally - Access to Residential Property

Feeling locked out of the property market? With Bricks from under $50, now there’s an affordable way to invest.

Property team expertise

Properties are hand-picked by our property team, using their 113 years of combined experience. Learn More

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What about the fees?

transaction fee
when you buy and sell Bricks
  • No funds under management fees
  • No performance or contribution fees
  • No service or withdrawal fees

BrickX has a simple fee structure.

Whether you hold your Bricks for 2 months or 2 years, you’ll only ever pay 0.5% of the transaction value each time you buy and sell.

There are monthly expenses associated with each property, fully disclosed on the property details page. Learn more about Fees

Who backs BrickX?

NAB Ventures, Westpac-backed venture capital firm, Reinventure and BridgeLane have all invested in BrickX business.

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