BrickX Developments

Development syndications now available!

BrickX Development syndications facilitate property acquisitions, builder selection, project management and future liquidity through the BrickX Platform.

What is BrickX Developments?

Select your development opportunity

BrickX will assist you with the acquisition due diligence and project feasibility assessments.

Create your syndicate and lock in your funding

You put together your syndicate of investors who commit to taking up 100% of the Bricks in the BrickX Trust relating to your chosen development.

A BrickX Trust buys the property for your syndicate

BrickX manages the purchase, settlement, and project management of the property development.

BrickX will handle the boring stuff

Once the property is purchased BrickX will manage the administration of your property development – this even includes the sourcing of debt finance if required.

Why BrickX Developments?

Control your purchase decision

See something you like and want to act – go ahead you now can.

Keep your syndicate private

You can structure a private syndicate or open it up to other BrickX investors to create liquidity post acquisition.

Ease and Efficiency

Rather than working out how to establish a private trust of your own and keeping the peace amongst investors you can rely on BrickX to manage this for you.


Who can apply?BrickX Developments has been designed to enable BrickX members to choose their own property for syndication – they are also enabled to lead and limit the syndication to investors of their choosing – while also able to later open the offer up to other investors through the BrickX Platform should they want to.
Any Australian tax resident that are over the age of 18.

How is a development approved for syndication?Developments are accepted subject to the acquisition and proposed development being deemed acceptable and in compliance with the BrickX Platform offering.
For more information please reach out to the BrickX team.

Can Debt be used to purchase the property?Yes - BrickX can assist you with placing debt into the Trust to facilitate the property purchase. If debt is used to fund the initial purchase of the property the debt is held in the name of the BrickX Trust and not yours, the debt itself will be secured by the property.

How is the property selected?The BrickX property team will review properties you select ensuring that the assets are acceptable to the BrickX Platform.
The BrickX Property Investment Management team will also assist with the financial modelling to assess the properties ability to cover its costs, as well as the costs involved in running a compliant trust and also to provide you with a prospective forecast in respects of any potential income that it may generate.

What happens at the end of the trust term?The initial trust term can be up to 5 years.
At the end of a trust term, the standard BrickX processes will kick in:
A member vote will be managed where you and your syndicate will vote on whether you want to:
  • Sell the property;
  • Extend the term.

Can the completed property be leased to become income producing?Yes – retaining the property post construction can form part of the investment strategy proposed to investors as part of the initial syndication or alternatively this can be an option put forward to investors at the end of the initial term for them to vote on.

What documents will I need to apply?Once you have completed the initial application, BrickX will touch base with you to discuss your property buying strategy with you and the BrickX process in more detail.

Is there a potential for liquidity in the trust?Yes – post completion of the development – should the investors choose to retain and lease the property, they can also vote to elect to offer investors in the syndicate to sell their bricks (units) between themselves or to third party investors.