What is BrickX?

BrickX is a fractional investment platform with the mission
to make property accessible for all Australians.

Our Story

The dream of owning a home continues to be a dream for many. That’s why we created BrickX. We enable you to invest in the property market with as little as $250 in as fast as a few minutes from signup to purchase.

To date, we have helped to make property possible for thousands of Australians and are eager to continue this journey!

An idea is born

June, 2014

First Property is purchased

December, 2014

BrickX launches to wholesale investors and first brick is purchased

March, 2015

BrickX launches to all Australians

September, 2016

SQM Research gives us 4-star rating

May, 2017

$9M equity investment is raised from NAB and Reinventure

December, 2017

10,000 members strong

March, 2018

Smart Invest launches

August, 2018

BrickX Financial Services is granted AFSL to become Responsible Entity

January, 2019

$20M of Assets under management

February, 2019

Thundering Herd acquires BrickX

December 2019

Introduced Display Home Purchase and Leaseback transactions

October 2020

First Commercial Property Trust syndicated

July 2021

First Multi-Asset BrickX Trusts syndicated

October 2021

Launched BrickX Minors account

November 2021

$30M of Assets under Management

November 2021

First SDA housing Trust syndicated

October 2022

Introduced 3rd Party Fund Managers

August 2023

First short stay accommodation syndication completed

June 2024

$49.9M of Assets under Management