The BrickX team is passionate about creating easy and affordable access to the property market for all Australians. With collective backgrounds in technology, property, financial services, e-Commerce and marketing, we have seized the opportunity to transform the way consumers buy and sell investment property in Australia.

Our Values

We are driven by strongly held core values that support our commitment to you, our customers, by providing a safe and efficient platform and a rigorous property acquisition strategy.
Like you, we would expect to have access to all organisational information regarding a service we would financially invest in. We seek to give you that same peace of mind and have developed our How It Works, Education Centre and all related FAQs and support materials with this in mind.
We understand how important pedigree and experience is as this is where performance really stems from. We want you to know the right people are involved to make sure your investment thrives. Please see the About Us and The Property Team pages to discover who we have aligned ourselves with to keep your investments on track.
Crucial to the success of any venture is the confidence you place in the team and service you have invested into. We recognise the trust you are placing in us and take this responsibility very seriously. We prioritise the security of both your investment and personal information, you can learn how in the Education Centre.
This was a driving factor behind the creation of BrickX. Motivated by our own frustration with the property market, we are resolved to create a Platform that pivots on providing not only access, but also freedom of choice to make your own decisions on how you want to invest your hard earned funds.
Like the air we breathe, this is an in-built expectation. As a team we are driven by groundbreaking ideas and are constantly on the lookout for new methods and mechanisms dedicated to bringing our investors the best solutions available.
The investor is at the center of our thinking, from service capability to platform design. Your journey was top of mind throughout the design process. We want the Platform to work as seamlessly as possible so you can enjoy every interaction with BrickX across all access points. For this reason we are always grateful to hear your feedback, please contact us.